South Korea is probing a suspected North Korean drone crash in the tense border region in the wake of Pyongyang's live-fire drill.

The mangled remains of the unmanned aerial vehicle were collected by South Korean forces from the Baengnyeong Island located in the maritime border.

It is still unclear when the crash actually happened - during or after the three-hour artillery shelling drill by North Korea.

An unidentified military source told Seoul's Yonhap news agency that the aerial vehicle contained Chinese and Japanese-manufactured components.

The source added: "As an in-depth analysis is currently under way, we cannot confirm which country made this drone. But there is a possibility that it belongs to North Korea."

The two Koreas exchanged artillery fire after a shell fired by Pyongyang fell in South Korea's disputed territory heightening tensions in the region. Following the firing, Seoul has beefed up security across the country to gear up for any further provocations from North Korea.