TU-95MS currently being auctioned.
TU-95MS awaiting new owner

A Soviet-era bomber aircraft "in very good condition" has been put up for sale on the internet auction site eBay, with a starting price of only $3m (£1.8m).

The Tupolev TU-95MS has flown for just over 454 hours of the 5,000 hours it is capable of, according to the posting, and bears the insignia of both the Soviet Union and the Ukrainian air force.

Also known as the Bear H, the plane requires a routine technical check before it can once again become airborne.

The plane already had one bidder, with five days of the auction remaining, when it was mysteriously withdrawn from sale.

After entering service with the Soviet air force in 1956, the TU-95 became known as one of the noisiest aircrafts in the world, with the roar of its propellers reportedly detectable by the hydrophones of submerged submarines.

Tupolev TU-95
The eBay ad, before it disappeared eBay