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Two people have been charged with the manslaughter of a British woman who died in a bungee jumping accident in the south of Spain.

Kleyo De Abreu, 23, from London, was killed on 21 July in Lanjaron, Granada, after hitting her head on the Tablate Bridge during a jump.

The Guardia Civil, the Spanish police force, charged the owner of an adventure company and a bungee jump supervisor with Miss De Abreu's death.

During the course of its investigation into the accident, the Guardia Civil found that one bungee jump supervisor had been in charge of monitoring 14 people - "not enough" to guarantee customer safety.

It found that there was miscommunication between the supervisor and Miss De Abreu, who jumped before the equipment had been made safe.

"This jump, performed before the ropes were properly tensioned...could be the cause of the accident," the police report stated.

Investigators added they believed the supervisor "did not execute their function with due care and precautions."

Miss De Abreu was staying with her aunt in Spain at the time, who was said to have witnessed the incident.

Following her death, De Abreu's father described her as a "beautiful young woman".

He added: "My daughter is gone and nothing is going to bring her back, but I have spoken to the family and we are all on the same page – we don't want something like this to happen again.

"Every father will say this but she was very special, she was a very beautiful young woman who had all her life ahead of her.

"She was 23 years old but to me she will always be my little baby and I would very much like to make sure this doesn't happen again to anybody else."