Aware of the risks present in the waters off Fraser Island, Australia, Matthew Tratt was spearfishing in the area when he was mauled by a shark. Even after receiving first-aid for his injuries, Matthew did not survive the attack. The Tratt family and Matthew's friends paid tribute to the man whom they claim died doing what he loved.

On Saturday, July 4, Matthew and his brother had gone fishing off Indian Head in Fraser Island. The waters are popular among anglers as the marine life is thriving. The rich fish population also attracts large sharks to the area. Those entering the waters are aware that they will be swimming dangerously close to sharks.

At around 2 pm local time, Matthew was in the water when he was attacked by a shark. He managed to get away from the predator. He removed his weight belt and signalled for help while in the water. Matthew's brother helped him get out of the water and onto some rocks.

An off-duty nurse and a doctor were present when the attack occurred. They jumped in to offer first-aid to the shark attack victim. They put a tourniquet on his left leg as it had been brutally shredded by the shark. Emergency services promptly responded to the call and paramedics reached the scene soon after the attack.

However, by the time the paramedics arrived, Matthew had bled out. Matthew reportedly died in his brother's arms. He was pronounced dead on the scene by the medics.

His wife, Kayla Tratt paid tribute to Matthew after his demise.

Speaking to 7NEWS, Kayla stated that Matthew was well aware of the risks while diving in the shark-infested waters. She said that the father-of-two was an extremely passionate angler. He frequently went fishing with his friends and family. The bereaved widow said that Matthew died doing what he loved at one of his favourite places.

Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour extended his condolences to the devastated family. He called the death of the man from Queensland a "tragedy beyond words".

While the community mourns the loss of Matthew, his death is the fourth fatal shark attack reported in Australia this year.

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