The Weather Channel, who is the expert in seasonal phenomena, has identified top ten signs of Spring to look out for as the UK starts to experience milder weather:

1) Daffodils: 'Narcissus', most commonly known as the 'daffodil', bloom in early to late spring and are one of the most well-known emblems of Spring.

Evelyn Johnson, five, and her sister Bridgette, three, walk through the Whitegate Daffodil Walk at Foxwist Green Farm in Cheshire. Getty

2) Catkins: These incredible flower clusters are usually seen on woody shrubs and trees including oak, alder, beech and poplar.

Catkins, First Sign of Spring, Maze Park, Middlesborough
Catkins, First Sign of Spring, Maze Park, Middlesborough Mick Garratt - Wikimedia Commons

3) Bluebells: Vibrant sheets of bluebells indicate Spring is here.

A golden pheasant walks among bluebells at Kew Gardens in London Reuters

4) Frogspawn: Frogs return to ponds around February/March time each year to lay their spawn. If you spot spawn in the water, there's no doubt that Spring has arrived.

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A frog plus some spawn. Painswick, Gloucestershire, BW

5) Bird song: There's nothing quite like the sound of birds chirping away in the trees; as soon as you hear the dawn chorus, this signifies breeding time and is a sure sign that Spring is on its way.

Birds on wire Amman
Birds sit on a utility wire in Amman Reuters

6) Primroses: Pretty primroses can be found in a variety of colours and sizes as the Winter season ends, usually popping up in open woods and shaded hedgerows.

Primroses in flower in Bourne Woods Wikimedia Commons - Brian Green

7) Blossom trees budding: The stunning beauty of blooming blossom trees can only be witnessed during the early months of the year and are one of the most simple and pure symbols of Spring.

cherry blossom
People gather under cherry trees in full bloom in Central Park, New York Reuters

8) The first tulips: These attractive spring bulbs come in many different colours and truly represent the start of the warmer season.

1. Washington
Tulips are seen in bloom on the first official day of Spring on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 20, 2012. REUTERS/Larry Downing

9) Hedgehogs: These timid creatures hibernate all winter and emerge in the Spring when the weather takes a milder turn. Watch out for their prickles though!

Wiki Commons

10) Spring Lambs: As the Winter months come to an end, countryside fields will be breaming with young lambs jumping and darting around trying to find their feet.

Triplet lambs bask in the sun
Triplet lambs bask in the sun REUTERS