Star Wars fans have been speculating about the parentage of Daisy Ridley's budding young Jedi Rey since The Force Awaken was released nearly two years ago. We still don't yet know, but we do now know who was responsible for deciding who they'll be.

It turns out two people have been responsible for deciding who Mamma and Pappa Rey are, but they may have had different ideas. They are directors Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams.

Abrams directed The Force Awakens, while Johnson has directed follow-up The Last Jedi: set for release in mid-December.

"Unlike almost everyone else in the world, Ridley has known for years who Rey's parents are, since Abrams told her on the set of The Force Awakens," Rolling Stone's extensive cover story on the new film reads.

"I thought what I was told in the beginning is what it is," Ridley explained. However, Johnson reveals he had free rein to overrule what Abrams told the actor when he penned The Last Jedi's script.

"I wasn't given any directive as to what that had to be," Johnson says. "I was never given the information that she is this or she is that.

"The truth is, stories are made up. Whether somebody made this whole thing up 10 years ago and put it on a whiteboard and we all have to stick to that, or whether we're organically finding it as we move forward, it doesn't mean that any less thought is being put into it."

Rolling Stone teases that Abrams and Johnson may have reached the same conclusion as to Rey's parentage, but Johnson's comments reveal he wasn't beholden to what Abrams thought was the answer.

Given The Force Awakens didn't reveal the information, and left enough room for multiple potential answers, it makes sense that the person responsible for the continuation of the story would be able to dictate the reveal as they saw fit.

Either way, it seems we'll find out the answer in The Last Jedi when it's released in the UK on 14 December.