Star Wars fans were treated to a trip to a galaxy far, far away on Thursday (12 November), when Singapore's Changi Airport unveiled two replica starfighters along with a parade of actors in Star Wars costumes. The display coincided with the arrival of an All Nippon Airways Boeing 787, complete with an R2-D2 paint job, which was parked on the Tarmac of Terminal 2.

Hundreds of fans, some of whom were dressed as Star Wars characters, were able to watch a battle between Stormtroopers and X-Wing fighter pilots in front of a life-size X-Wing and Tie Fighter, as well as take photos with a pilot in the cockpit.

One fan, whose child was dressed as Chewbacca, said Star Wars "brings his family together". Younger fans appeared to be favouring the "dark side".

"I introduced him to Star Wars, but after that, when he caught Star Wars Rebels, his interest grew in it. And actually this was a surprise for him. So I purposely made the helmet just for this day. And, who's your favourite character?" a father asked his son.

"Darth Vader," replied the son. "Yeah, he is the dark sider," confirmed the father.

Inside the Boeing 787, which was making a two-night stop at Changi as part of a media tour, fans could see R2-D2 inspired headrests and lightsabre coloured lighting.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set for release in UK cinemas on 17 December. The starfighters will be on display at Changi Airport until January 2016.