Having already made sweet music with industry heavyweights like Linkin Park, Blink 182, Louis Tomlinson and BTS, EDM icon DJ Steve Aoiki has set his sights further afield.

"I would love to do something with Elon Musk," he declared when IBTimes UK caught up with him as he prepared to kick off his UK tour, which included a headline show at London's O2 Academy.

Aoki previously collaborated with Hollywood director JJ Abrams and scientist Ray Kurzweil on his Neon Future album series.

"I had them talk on a song. I mean at the end of the day, it's a collaboration, whether you are talking or you're singing, it's our song together," the 40-year-old star said.

"I would love to have Elon Musk on Neon Future III. I already have Bill Nye so it would be cool to top it off with one of my favourite people on the planet.

Why the SpaceX and Tesla CEO? "I just love his vision," Aoki said.

"For me, it not necessarily about how talented you are as a singer or your craft in music, just how talented at your craft in whatever your main thing is. I want to meet you, I want to talk to you, I want to learn about it and it would be cool to do something with Elon Musk."

Aoki was given DJ duties at a zero-g rave launched from Frankfurt, Germany which took place hours after SpaceX launched its Falcon Heavy rocket to Mars.

The New York of Europe

Grammy-nominated Aoki, son of the late restaurateur Hiroaki "Rocky" Aoki, is one of the most-travelled artists on the planet. Known for his boundless energy, London is the perfect hub for his unique set of talents.

"Obviously, the fashion is pretty awesome. I love the busy energy – very New York. Like Europe's New York . The fast-paced kind of energy here . From a DJ perspective, its one of the best crowds in the world," he said.

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Of the sold-out 5000-capacity venue he was preparing to grace, he said: "My show in Brixton is one of the most important shows I do all year. I love this venue. It's going to be my fourth time playing, last three times I sold it out and that really meaningful for me. The crowds so lit."

His UK tour is in support of his latest album Kolony. When it comes to his shows, Aoki wants to produce a feast for the senses.

"With a bus tour I can bring my own production, so we have a pretty cool production for tonight. That's something I cant just fly in and do. It cost money to do this. I'm not really getting paid on these things," he explained. "Of course, I get money but I put it all back into the show. So its really all about representing what colony means to me. Its not just an auditor experience, it's a visual."

After performing 168 gigs in 41 countries in 2012, he became known as " the world's hardest working DJ" and earned a Guinness World Record for his troubles.

Of his work ethic, Aoki, worth an estimated $55m, said that he is very project-oriented. "I love the grind, I thrive off the grind," he explained. "I put my life philosophy through a boot camp principle. No excuses, no bullshit, no complaining and work hard and do your best to get to your next goal. Sometimes the next goal is doing 250 shows in a year."