Steve Ballmer Reorganises Microsoft
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gestures during his keynote address at the Microsoft "Build" conference in San Francisco, California June 26, 2013.

As Steve Ballmer packs up his desk at Microsoft's Redmond headquarters today, following the announcement of Satya Nadella as the company's new CEO, it is a time to reminisce about his time at the company and remember some of the most entertaining moments Ballmer has given us during his 14 year reign as Microsoft CEO.

While some CEOs of technology companies are polished frontmen and women, easily working the stage during major product announcements, that could never be said for Steve Ballmer – and while some might see that as a negative, I like to think of it as a positive.

Ballmer just loved his company too much and couldn't help but let that enthusiasm get the better of him from time to time – immortalised in the original and, probably still the best, Ballmer moment


At times during presentations Ballmer seems to get stuck on one idea and wouldn't let it go, like a large, cuddly broken-record if you will:


As a salesman however Ballmer could never be accused of giving anything other than 100%:

How much do you want this Tooootally new Windows?

Of course there is not getting away from some mistakes and laughing at the original iPhone is one which Ballmer has had to deal with over and over again from his critics.

Steve, what do you think of the iPhone?

But we shouldn't remember Ballmer for the things he got wrong, we should be remembering him for all the entertainment he has provided down through the years, including this amazing sketch based on A Night at the Roxbury – could you ever see Tim Cook doing something like this? I don't think so

Da, Da, Da

And once again with Bill in homage to adverts for a popular beer


But it was as if he wanted to save his best for last. In Seattle's KeyArena in front of 13,000 cheering Microsoft employees (and up to 25,000 watching around the world via webcast) Ballmer gave an emotional farewell

Time of my life