Following the death of Apple's iconic co-founder Steve Jobs, the IBTimes collects a series of videos showcasing Jobs' ideas on life, death and all things Apple.

The first video contained in the collection is the stellar moment when Jobs and Microsoft's founder Bill Gates came together and shared a stage for All Things Digital. In the interview the two shared the stories of how they created their company and what they thought about their competitor's approach to computers.

The second video in our Steve Jobs round-up shows Jobs' 2005 address to Stanford University's graduating class. In his address Jobs draws on his own experience, sharing the lessons he learned in life with the graduating students. The video grants a rare retroactive look by Jobs'at how he started and what he hoped to achieve with Apple. Later in the speech, Jobs talks about his initial dismissal from Apple and thoughts towards death.

The third and final video builds on the third, showing an exert from a interview taken just after Apple fired Jobs.