Munch carpet at cake hotel in London
Munch carpet at cake hotel in London

Sugar giant Tate & Lyle is opening a hotel in central London made out of cake.

The edible hotel in Dean Street, Soho, is three storeys high and consists of eight rooms. Guests are advised to check in quickly because rooms are set to go fast - literally.

Patrons can chew through the walls and windows, made from 2,000 macaroons. The windowsills are made from fudge.

Think a sit down would be called for after munching through that lot? Be careful where you plant your expanding rear-end - the cushions on the sofas are sponge cakes.

Even the floors can be eaten, with a rug made from 1,081 multicoloured meringues stitched together by hand.

The building echoes the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel, in which two children discover a house made of cake and gingerbread. But no cannibal witches lurk inside Tate and Lyle's latest creation, which is part of a marketing campaign for sugar.

Tuck in to cushions
Tuck in to cushions

"The cake hotel perfectly captures the excitement, inspiration and expertise behind the creation of our new range of golden and brown cane sugars," said a Tate & Lyle Sugars spokesman.

"We hope that through the cake hotel we can inspire people to get creative in the kitchen."

Almost 3,000 hours of labour went into building the cake house by 14 artists, who used 1,320lbs of sugar.

It will exist for one day only on Thursday.

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