Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad is an anti-superhero movie starring Jared Leto and Margot Robbie among others DC Comics

Margot Robbie has created an alluring impression as Harley Quinn even before the premiere of the much awaited DC Comics anti-hero movie Suicide Squad. While fans are waiting to see the crazed former psychiatrist swing into wild action sequences, the actress is looking forward to her wild relationship with the Joker.

"I've never seen scenes like it before, personally," Robbie told Collider while explaining her "crazy" scenes with the Joker actor Jared Leto. "It's next level. People better brace themselves. It's weird, they're a fascinating couple. Honestly, I find their stuff the most exciting out of everything. I'd watch a dialogue scene between them over, like, buildings blowing up and guns, which I love that stuff as well. But when they are just — or when they find someone that they wanna pick on, it's scary. Yeah, they're messed up."

Apart from "saving the world from a powerful threat" as the base plot, the queer relationship between the two anti-heroes will be another attraction to watch out for in the upcoming Warner Bros movie. Quinn will be working with the anti-heroes squad that also includes the Deadshot (Will Smith).

The 26-year-old Australian actress thinks that her character is a bit sane and a "little more focused" when around the squad sans the Joker.

"When Harley isn't around Joker she's slightly less crazy than she is when she is with him. Only because there's a lot of plot points you need to get across, and there's a whole lot other lists of characters that have their story lines and stuff. And I find acting 1000 percent crazy all the time it's just totally gonna distract from what we need to be focusing on in that particular scene. When it's a Joker scene, she's pretty nuts because he brings that out in her for sure. And when it's the rest of the Squad's scenes, yeah she has her moments for sure."

Directed by David Ayer, the anti-superhero movie will premiere on 5 August 2016 in the US and the UK.