Sultan Kosen - World's Tallest Man
The world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen from Turkey, poses for photographers at an event in London in 2009 REUTERS/Andrew Winning

It's everything he's been wanting and more. The world's tallest man has finally stopped growing! At 8 feet, 3 inches (2.51m) tall wouldn't you want an end to hitting your head on doorframes too?

Sultan was handed the honour of being the world's tallest living man back in 2009, with mega-wide hands at 28.5 cm and size 60 feet.

But since then he's grown another two inches and has had a series of operations to try and halt the intense growth spurts he's been having due to the hormones produced by a tumour in his brain. So he flew to the US for treatment at the University of Virginia.

Revealing the good news that he's stopped growing at an event in Hong Kong, Sultan said he's 'very happy' that his health is now stable, despite having to walk on crutches all the time. He also said he owes the turnaround in his poor health and fortunes to the Guinness World Records. He even thanks them for his girlfriend and the ability to start a family.

If he ever dreamt of it then Sultan's chances of being tallest man are now a dim and distant memory, because he's now miles away - well eight inches away really - from Robert Wadlow's record set in the 1900s. However he is one of ten people in human history to live over 8 feet tall.

Relief for World's tallest man: he's stopped growing! IBTimes UK