Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon has been elected First Minister of Scotland as the SNP claimed Holyrood in the Scottish elections Getty

Results are coming in from across the UK after voters went to the polls on Super Thursday. The Scottish National Party has won a third term in power in Holyrood but fell short of an overall majority.

It was a bad day for Labour after the Conservatives leap-frogged them north of the border to becomes Scotland's second biggest party and lost control of at least one council in England as well as shedding seats.

Ukip won its first ever representatives in the Welsh Assembly and the by-elections in Ogmore and Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough were won by Labour.

Elections took place for the Scottish Parliament, National Assembly of Wales, the Northern Ireland Assembly and 124 councils in England in what was dubbed "Super Thursday".

Eyes are fixed firmly on the capital where Labour candidate Sadiq Khan and Tory rival Zac Goldsmith battled it out to succeed Boris Johnson as the next Mayor of London.


The votes have been counted and it's official, Labour candidate Sadiq Khan is the new Mayor of London. Khan succeeds Boris Johnson, who spent eight years in City Hall.


\'Yes we Khan\' #LondonElects #LondonMayor2016

— Ian Silvera (@ianjsilvera) May 6, 2016


Zac Goldsmith: "I congratulate Sadiq Khan - I wish him well as he builds on Boris Johnson's successes."


Sadiq Khan: "This election was not without controversy. I am so proud that London has chosen hope and unity over division. I will ensure that you will get the opportunities that our incredible city gave to me."


Sadiq Khan: "I have a burning ambition for London. I want every single Londoner to get the opportunities the city gave to me and my family. Not just the opportunity to survive but to thrive."


Sadiq Khan: "Thank you London. London is the greatest city in the world.
I am deeply humbled by the hope and trust placed in me by the city of London.
I want to say thank you to every single Londoner for making the impossible possible today."


Sadiq Khan receives 1, 310,143 votes

Zac Goldsmith receives 994, 614 votes


Here we go #LondonElects

— Ian Silvera (@ianjsilvera) May 6, 2016


The official declaration of results are now being announced by the returning officer who apologises for the delay.


Mayor of London election declaration is now expected at 12.30am, as candidates are being briefed in chambers at City Hall.


UKip leader Nigel Farage hails 'breakthrough' for party after winning two seats.

Another big breakthrough for UKIP, winning two seats on the London Assembly. Huge congratulations to @prwhittle and @davidkurten.

— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) May 6, 2016

Very happy to be elected onto the London Assembly with @prwhittle for @UKIP

— David Kurten (@davidkurten) May 6, 2016

Huge breakthrough for @UKIP onto the London Assembly. Proud that me and @davidkurten will be the voice for ordinary Londoners

— Peter Whittle (@prwhittle) May 6, 2016


Green grandee Jenny Jones tweets a farewell message as she leaves the London Assembly.

Strictly I\'m an Assembly Member til Sunday but have left the building without a backward glance after 16 yrs. Next challenge is the Lords.

— Jenny Jones (@GreenJennyJones) May 6, 2016


The 11 people who will make up the London-wide Assembly have been announced as:

Labour (Fiona Twycross, Tom Copley, Nicky Gavron)
Conservatives (Sean Bailey, Andrew Boff, Kemi Badenoch)
Ukip (Peter Whittle, David Kurten)
Green (Sian Berry, Caroline Russell)
Liberal Democrats (Caroline Pidgeon)


It's a breakthrough for Ukip who get their first seats in the London Assembly, including the party's Mayor of London election candidate Peter Whittle. The result beats Ukip's expectations, with a Ukip source predicting to IBTimes UK before the declaration that they would get one seat.


London Assembly list results by party:

Labour win 3

Conservatives win 3

Ukip win 2

Green win 2

Liberal Democrats win 1


Returning officer now satisified \'we are moving through the process and are on track\'

— Ian Silvera (@ianjsilvera) May 6, 2016


Assembled media make the most of the spectacular views of London from City Hall, as the waiting game continues.

Tower Bridge
Ian Silvera


Declaration for London assembly list is expected soon, as members of the press are moved into the chamber at City Hall in anticipation of an imminent announcement, IBTimesUK's senior political reporter Ian Silvera confirms.

They\'ve let us in the chamber...for the London Assembly list declaration

— Ian Silvera (@ianjsilvera) May 6, 2016


There is speculation among the press gathered at City Hall, that the earlier reported "discrepancies", which have resulted in the mayoral election results being delayed, might be more problematic than originally thought following a mix-up in the count.

Bad news from City Hall. I am hearing the problem with the count is more significant than was first let on.... 1/3.

— Theo Usherwood (@theousherwood) May 6, 2016

The computer which counts the votes has apparently allocated them to the wrong party.... 2/2.

— Theo Usherwood (@theousherwood) May 6, 2016


As the count continues, Sadiq Khan is taking his election as London Mayor in his stride - he's reportedly taking a nap on the 7th floor of City Hall ahead of his victory party. Meanwhile, the hashtag #YesWeKhan is trending on Twitter, as the public react to the election of Sadiq Khan, London's first Muslim mayor.


As the wait continues for the results of the London mayoral contest, Women's Equality Party founder Sandi Toksvig kept everyone amused with an impromptu stand-up routine.

Impromptu stand-up show from @sanditoksvig as WE wait for confirmation of results!

— SophieWalker (@SophieRunning) May 6, 2016


A London Elects spokeswoman has issued a statement confirming that the declaration of the official mayoral election result will be delayed. She said: "The returning officer is currently updating candidates and agents. There were some small discrepancies with regard to the mayoral figures and we have to take the time to check them. We're doing the checking in conjunction with the Electoral Commission. We have to take the time to resolve these issues. We are working towards a declaration at midnight. I apologise."


A midnight declaration is expected following reports of a "counting error". London Elects says officers are working through 'small discrepancies' with the vote.


Conservative Business Secretary Sajid Javid tweeted Sadiq Khan a touching message paying tribute to their humble origins.

.@SadiqKhan from one son of a Pakistani bus driver to another, congratulations

— Sajid Javid (@sajidjavid) May 6, 2016