New research has revealed that the rollout of superfast mobile broadband could add 75 billion pounds to the economy by the end of the decade.

The independent research was commissioned by Everything Everywhere, which is a partnership between T-Mobile and Orange.

Everything Everywhere has submitted a proposal to Ofcom regarding the possibility of rolling out a 4G LTE network in the UK by the end of the year.

The UK is lagging behind countries like the United States, Germany, Japan and Spain when it comes to next generation mobile broadband with Ofcom having to delay its implementation on a number of occasions.

As well as adding.. £75bn to the UK economy, the research suggests that a 4G network will create and safeguard up to 125,000 jobs.

4G mobile broadband promises up to 10 times the speed of our current 3G network letting smartphone and tablet users watch TV while on the move and be able to upload and download files faster.

Ofcom has yet to say when it will make a final decision on the proposed 4G network, but if the new research is correct, the sooner the better it would seem for the UK's economy.