Susanna Reid
The Good Morning Britain presenter Tim P. Whitby/Getty

Susanna Reid recently hit back at criticism claiming she is flirtatious when interviewing men but the Good Morning Britain presenter's latest on-air antics may not help her cause.

Viewers got more than they bargained for when she had a taste of a dessert during a segment on retro foods.

When the 44-year-old presenter realised she had not been provided with a spoon, she decided she would make do with her little finger and proceeded to dip it into a bowl of butterscotch-flavoured Angel Delight before licking the dessert off it.

She told viewers: "You know what, I wasn't given a spoon, but I find with Angel Delight you can just use your finger," and added: "Mmmm that's good. That's sweet. That's really sweet."

Her actions sent social media into overdrive, with many viewers expressing their approval.

This is not the first time Reid has made headlines. In September 2013, the former BBC Breakfast presenter was left red-faced after flashing her knickers live on air. The embarrassing gaffe occurred as she attempted to cross her legs and pull down her dress at the same time.

In June, Reid, who is a past Strictly Come Dancing competitor, defended her laid-back approach to interviewing celebrities and politicians such as David Beckham and David Cameron.

"[Things like] wearing a dress and chewing a pen is interpreted as something else," she told Good Housekeeping Magazine. "It's frustrating – I'm a professional interviewer whose job it is to get the absolute best out of people. To then have it described in a different way, feels a bit like come on, really?"

Reid initially touched on the topic during an interview with the Daily Mirror, insisting it was her mission to "get the best from a guest".

She added: "I enjoy the interviews I do and it would be bizarre, wouldn't it, if I didn't laugh at a guest's joke, or didn't smile?"