Blockchain builder Synereo has launched WildSpark, a shared ledger-based content curation and discovery platform. Opening in beta August 9, the WildSpark platform will allow anyone to reward content creators with cryptocurrency, fostering and incentivising online communities around quality content.

WildSpark currently runs as a Google Chrome browser extension; the introduction of a platform will further expand social reach for both content creators and curators and establish new discovery mechanisms for curated content. Incentives on WildSpark are facilitated by AMP, the cryptocurrency token issued by Synereo in 2015. Each time a video is referred to and viewed, users have the option to contribute by sending cryptocurrency directly to the video's creator.

Dor Konforty, founder and CEO of Synereo, said: "In today's information economy, value is created by those who construct desirable, relevant information that is meticulously organised and delivered to the right audience. Synereo's mission is to deliver and drive the adoption of products that enable a frictionless flow of value towards those who create it."

The new WildSpark website features a content dashboard compiled entirely of videos curated and amplified by WildSpark users, introducing a new method of discovering viral content. The platform currently supports YouTube and plans to implement Medium in the near future.

"Cryptocurrency solutions should always look to solve non-cryptocurrency problems, and this is a major step for Synereo and decentralised ecosystems as a whole," said Anderson McCutcheon, co-founder and CMO of Synereo. "We believe human attention is a scarce commodity, and WildSpark has the ability to help pioneer the attention economy benefiting millions of people."