Syrian Embassy in Cairo
A view of destroyed furniture and equipment in the Syrian embassy after it was ransacked by protesters in Cairo on 04/02/2012. Reuters

Syrian nationals are protesting in front of the Syrian embassies across the world, in response to reports of shelling in the Syrian city of Homs by security forces on Friday. There are reports of protests in front of the Syrian embassies in the UK, US, Spain, Sweden and Cairo.

The worldwide protests are occurring as Syrian nationals and supporters gathering at the venues by spreading the message through social networking sites such as twitter.

On Saturday morning five Syrian protesters were arrested for gaining entry into the Belgrave Square embassy in London.

At least 150 protesters gathered before the embassy in response to the unconfirmed reports of the killings of more than 200 people in the Syrian city of Homs on Friday, the BBC has reported.

Participants in the demonstrations are tweeting continuously about the protests.

Some of the tweets read:
YourAnonNews Anonymous
"2012 WILL see the fall of Assad in #Syria. The only question is "When?" Let us unite and make it soon. PROTEST. CALL EMBASSIES. BE HEARD."

AlexanderPageSY Alexander Page
"I am proud of breaking into the #Syria'n embassy, this is the least we can do to show our rage of the events in #Syria".

leila_na Leila Nachawati
"Police pushed me against the wall and twisted my arm at Madrid embassy #Syria".

freesyria74 freesyria74
"A protest is planned tomorrow at 9 am in front of the UN building in NYC. Please come and support #Syria and help stop the massacres".

There were reports of shelling at the Syrian city of Homs on Friday, by the Syrian security forces, in which more than 200 people are believed to be killed.

"Syrian forces are shelling the district with mortars from several locations, some buildings are on fire. There are also buildings which got destroyed," the Reuters has quoted Rami Abdulrahman, head of the British-based human rights group, as saying.

Meanwhile the UN security Council is meeting on Saturday morning to vote on a European-Arab draft resolution on the resignation of president Bashar-al-Assad.

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