Kofi Annan disappointed
Annan calls for speedy action as the violence constantly escalates. Reuters

The UN and Arab League special envoy Kofi Annan expressed his disappointment over the current situation in Syria as violence continues to escalate at places immediately after the departure of the UN monitors, according to reports.

"I am particularly alarmed by reports that government troops entered Hama yesterday after observers departed, firing automatic weapons and killing a significant number of people," Annan told the Security Council Members.

"If confirmed, this is totally unacceptable and reprehensible," he added.

Annan addressed the Security Council in a video conference on Tuesday and said he is concerned by the violence taking place at the city of Hama where the government troops are said to be attacking the activists.

According to the activists more than 30 people are killed on Monday during the violence.

Satellite imagery and other reliable reports also show that Syria has failed to withdraw its heavy weapons from the populated areas although it claims to have done, announced Annan's spokesperson Ahmad Fawzi.

"People who approach the observers may be approached by security forces or Syrian army and harassed or arrested or even worse, perhaps killed," the Associated Press quoted Fawzi as saying.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is equally enraged over the claims of escalating violence.

"It is absolutely deplorable if there is this kind of intimidation, harassment and possible violence against those Syrians who have every right to meet with and discuss the situation with the monitors. That's what monitors are there for," the Russia Today quoted Clinton as saying.

The UN decided to increase the number of monitors to 300 after the initial arrival of handful of monitors turned out to be not effective as expected. Annan had also called for the speedy deployment of the observers which is originally coming into effect on 30 April.

Meanwhile, in an email interview to IB Times UK, the British-based Syrian observatory for Human rights (SOHR) termed the situation very unstable even after the arrival of the UN monitors.

"The regime continues breaching the ceasefire. With the arrival of the observers, more people are joining the peaceful protests across the country. The regular forces [are] still killing civilians as well as defectors," said Rami Abdurrahman of SOHR.

"As of the opinion of the Syrian people regarding the observers, we can say that there is no one opinion. They Syrians are almost divided in 4 categories: protesters on the street, the opposition side which is not protesting, those who are unbiased and those who are loyalists to the regime. Therefore, only some of them support the plan and the peaceful solution for the crisis inside Syria," Abdurrahman added.