Damascus was rocked by two powerful explosions early Thursday, reportedly killing dozens and leaving scores injured.

"Two explosions caused by terrorists took place on the freeway in the south of Damascus,"
Syrian state television said.

"[The blast took place] as people were heading to work and children to school," the television report added, according to an AFP report.

Residents near the region reportedly saw plumes of smoke in the sky caused by the blasts. Television footage showed a row of wrecked vehicles.

Although the nature of the blasts was not immediately clear, state television Syria-TV reported that the blasts took place around 07:50 local time in the Qazaz neighbourhood, reported the Associated Press.

Reuters reported that the Syria-TV attributed the explosions to "terrorist attacks".

According to the report, television footage showed many distorted, burnt bodies. The victims were mostly civilians.

The blasts were reportedly targeted at the security building, where the Syrian intelligence agency has its headquarters.

In spite of the capital city being under the tight control of the regime's forces, the region has been shaken by several explosions in recent days. The blasts have targeted security installations and the discredited regime's vehicles.

Thursday's explosions came just a day after a bomb attack on a UN observer vehicle injuring six Syrian troops.

The last major explosion took place on 27 April when a suicide bomber killed at least nine people and wounded several others.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported that the death toll has gone up to 12,000 in the 14-month period during the uprising.