T. rex
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Tyrannosaurus rex (T.rex), had the most powerful bite of any creature in the world, according to a new study published in the Royal Society Journal, Biology Letters.

The researchers have found out that T-rex had the biting force between 35,000-57,000 Newtons in a single tooth, which is the highest bite force by any terrestrial animal.

Researchers led by Dr Karl Bates from the biomechanics laboratory at the University of Liverpool, did a laser scan of a T. rex skull and found its bite more powerful than lions and alligators.

In comparison, the human being's biting force is less than 1,000 Newtons.

"I have no idea what the bite would do to an animal beyond hurt a lot," the Discovery News has reported Bates as saying.

"The force is obviously much higher than alligators and lions and you wouldn't want to be bitten by either of those," he added.

Bates along with his colleague Peter Falkingham from the University of Manchester, digitised the skull of a life sized T. rex with a laser scanner to get a 3-D model of the skull on the computer,reported BBC.

The scientists activated the muscles to close the jaws to reproduce the full force of a bite and measured it. They said the T.rex bite was equivalent to the weight of an elephant.

In earlier studies, the estimated bite force of a T.rex, was between 8,000 to 13,400 Newtons. But researchers believe that the bite force estimated in the latest study better matches the size and body structure of T. rex is thought to weigh more than 13,228 pounds, the Discovery News reported.

T.rex is believed to be one of the biggest carnivorous animals in the world that ever lived.