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Dorothy, 15, was forced to find an innovative way to tweet after her mother confiscated all of her gadgets. After losing her phone, the teen resorted to tweeting from her Nintendo DS, her WiiU and finally the family's LG fridge.

Dorothy uses her twitter account as an Ariana Grande fan page. She planned on keeping herself entertained by tweeting away her summer. However, her mother was forced to punish her by taking away her devices.

Two weeks ago, Dorothy had been so distracted by her phone while cooking that it led to a small fire in the house. Her mother took away her phone to teach the teen a lesson on paying attention to her surroundings more.

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Bruna Salvador Conforto

Instead of learning how to pay attention to her surroundings the teen focussed her energy to find ways around the tech ban.

Dorothy first sent out tweets using her Nintendo DS.

Her mother managed to see her tweet and threatened to shut down her account.

With her Nintendo confiscated, Dorothy turned to her WiiU, which her mother confiscated as well.

On one occasion Dorothy managed to find her Nintendo DS while her mother was at work.

Finally, when her mother had confiscated and properly hidden all her devices, Dorothy found herself talking to her fridge.

Even though LG did not respond to questions regarding the incident, their website confirms that some of their smart fridges come with social media capabilities. Dorothy was able to tap into the feature and send out her tweet.

The teenager's saga of finding ways to tweet drew attention and started a viral trend, #FreeDorothy. Hopefully Dorothy's mother will crack under social media pressure and let Dorothy return to Twitter soon.