Telegram encrypted messaging app
Telegram has introduced a secure blogging platform called Telegraph. Telegram


  • Ultra-secure blog site supports embedded content, photos and markdown features.
  • Telegram Messenger updated to include Instant View feature.

Telegram has branched out from its encrypted Messenger service by launching what it promises is an equally secure blogging platform called Telegraph.

The bare-bones site joins the likes of Medium and Tumblr as an option for 'blogosphere' addicts, bringing with it the usual suite of blogging tools alongside Telegram's famed focus on online anonymity.

Heading over to the website brings up a sparse monochrome publishing page where users can jot down their thoughts and opinions, as well as embed content from across the web and insert in-line photos.

What separates Telegraph from its competitors, however, is the lack of a profile login or a historical archive. This gives the platform a flavour of Telegram Messenger's self-destructing "Secret Chats", as it would be nigh on impossible to find each post without knowing its specific URL.

The link can be shared across social media or via Telegram Messenger itself. Each blog post also benefits from the media-rich enhancements of the new Instant View feature when shared on Telegram.

Introduced in the iOS and Android app version 3.14, Instant View resembles Google's AMP service as it previews each post with the featured image and a short text preview. Clicking the link opens the post in a page native to Telegram, with other websites, including Medium, also supporting Instant View pages.

In an official post, the Telegram team noted that it intends to add Instant View support for more websites in the future. "Jump to Date", "Groups in Common" and improved Android app functionality was also detailed, as well as a tease that "something big is brewing in [Telegram's] secret dungeons."

You can try Telegraph out for yourself here.