One Donald Trump is enough for most people, but how about seven?

On 26 April, in Los Angeles, impersonators gathered at comedy club the Laugh Factory to compete against one other to see who could best embody the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

From behind a mocked-up presidential podium, comedians from across the world donned tans and elaborate swept blonde hair to try and capture the Potus.

There were 10 performances, of two minutes each, and the contestants, including one woman, brought topics such as Obamacare, the recent bombing in Syria, the Mexico border wall and China.

The competition was presided over by four comedians, including Saturday Night Live former Trump impersonator Darrell Hammond, who explained why the 45th president is ripe for impersonation.

"He's not like others. He's utterly himself," said Hammond, "The people who are the greatest orators and the most effective orators of all time would have failed an oral interpretation class in college. They're being themselves utterly and you can't take your eyes off them."

The winner of the competition was John Di Domenico, a Trump impersonator from Las Vegas, who got over a childhood speech impediment by doing impressions. He's been impersonating Trump, and making money from it, since 2004.

When announced onstage as the winner, Di Domenico told the judges and the audience "This is the best decision you could possibly make. Believe me, believe me. Tremendous decision, I have to tell you."

Di Domenico's prize is to host a weekly topical show on the comedy club's website called Fake News / Real News" and he will be invited to headline at all of the Laugh Factory's chain of clubs.