New onset images of the highly anticipated movie Terminator: Genisys have been leaked online.

The movie is the fifth instalment in the popular science-fiction action franchise, and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back to play the titular character, while Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke will be the new Sarah Connor.

The leaked pictures from the movie set were posted on the movie's fan website Terminator Fans and shows a San Francisco police cruiser.

"We suspect they are from the 2017 time period/present day timeline as we have seen retro '80s LAPD police cars. This means the 2017 period is obviously San Francisco and not LA. Take a look at the door," the website report reads.

The alleged plot if the science-fiction thriller has also been leaked from the fan site revealing that an older T-800 will fight a young T-800, while the story will be revolving around the Conners.

Click here to see the pictures.

Below are some excerpts from the alleged plot leaked on the fan website.

"The story opens with John Connor rescuing his son Kyle our of a concentration camp guarded by Terminators. Connor and his men then send Kyle back in time to save his 'Grandmother', Sarah, in 1994. Kyle Reese has been changed to Kyle Connor because the original Kyle Reese is sent to 1984 to save a younger Sarah Connor. That still happens. Also the original T-800 arrives in 1984, just as it was, but encounters an older (Arnold) T-800 and a fight between both ensues.

"The old Terminator loses, but the young Arnold is captured by the resistance, reprogrammed (like Uncle Bob) and becomes 'The Watchman', which becomes the older Terminator. The resistance then sends Kyle Reese and The Watchman to 1994 to help older Sarah and young John, who are on the run from the government for blowing up Cyberdyne. Worse, a new series of Terminator called the 'Genisys' series are hunting Sarah and John. At one point, the villainous Terminator makes a derogatory remark as to The Watchman's aged appearance (now that I believe, cringe…)."

Terminator: Genisys will premiere on 1 July in the US and on 3 July in the UK.