Yemenis in Sana'a have taken to social media as the city comes under air strikes from Saudi Arabia and its anti-Houthi alliance allies.

Residents described a city that was not expecting conflict and has little infrastructure to deal with it, as bombs level houses and kill civilians on the ground.

They report long lines for fuel and the sound of gunfire, with one Twitter user @amera_al_5581, saying they received a text from a friend in Yemen, saying: "The sound of bullets can be heard clearly...[he says] bodies have started to fill the streets. Prayers for your brothers".

Others say that the residents are stocking up on supplies for the coming war, including that of the drug 'qat', a cocoa leaf that is chewed widely in Yemen.

The battle for the control of Yemen continues between the Saudi Army and Houthi tribesmen, as more countries pledge allegiance to the Sunni Saudi-led coalition against the Shi'ite Iran-backed Houthis.

Saudi officials told Al Jazeera that coalition air force in Operation Decisive Storm have destroyed several military sites in the capital Sana'a that were under Houthi control.

In some areas, residents report that there is support for the Saudi-led campaign. One user said that civilians have taken to the streets in protest, with thousands collecting in the city of Taa'z raising the Saudi flag in support of the military operation against the Houthi's.

But others said that the campaign will only draw more support for the Houthis from both Sunni and Shia Yemenis, particularly if the death toll mounts as air strikes continue.