Castor oil seeds
Ricin occurs naturally in the seeds of the castor oil plant. HediBougghanmi2014

ISIS terrorists are trying to create killer poisons like ricin and anthrax in UK labs.

Security chiefs say the UK is not prepared for even the most basic bio-attack.

It is feared a terror cell could use ricin or anthrax – each with the potential to kill hundreds - to contaminate water or food supplies, the Daily Star reported.

A security source told the paper: "We know that al-Qaeda terrorists have tried to manufacture ricin in the UK in the past. We now suspect members of Isis based in the UK are attempting to do the same.

"The use of chemical and biological weapons by Isis is a threat which is being treated very seriously.

"We know that British citizens who fought with Isis in Iraq and Syria were trained in a number of terrorist tactics including the development of basic bio-weapons."

Last week, Prince Harry and finacee Meghan Markle were at the centre of an anthrax scare when white powder was found in the mail at Kensington Palace.

The powder was found to harmless but it also shows the fear among security chiefs.

Anthrax is a bacteria infection. Ricin occurs naturally in the castor oil plant but in its pure form is incredibly toxic