A Tesla fan with just months to live has been given an early Christmas present: his own Model 3.

"Graniteds", as the man is known on a Tesla chat forum, wrote a heart-felt message about how he wanted to get his Model 3 before cancer ended his life. "Well, I'd love to see November deliveries! I have a terminal stage 4 cancer and have been told I may only have 3-4 months to live. The last thing on my bucket list is our Model 3 and I'd like to have a few days to experience and enjoy it. I wonder if there is any flexibility in the queue?" the man said in his post.

As it turns out, someone was paying attention. Bonnie Norman, another member of the forum, reached out to a friend who worked at Tesla and owned a Model 3.

Norman convinced her friend, Devina Singh, to allow "Graniteds" to drive her car and on 25 November, the man was cruising around with a big grin on his face. A day later, Norman sent the story and photos to Tesla.

On the 27th, "Graniteds" received a notification it was time to configure his own Model 3. Tesla pushed through the order and on 13 December, the dying man picked up his Tesla Model 3.

To really put the icing on the cake, Tesla president of sales and services Jon McNeil took the man and his wife on a VIP tour of the factory. McNeil even walked them through how to use their new car.