Chris Gayle
Chris Gayle during his infamous on-air interview. Getty Images

Former Australia batsman Chris Rogers has admitted he has "never been a fan" of Chris Gayle. The 38-year-old left-hander – who was a team-mate of the West Indian at the Sydney Thunder – has revealed he was disappointed by Gayle's attitude during his time at the franchise and thinks his on-air flirtation with Australian TV presenter Mel McLaughlin is proof of a "pattern of behaviour".

Rogers and Gayle, 36, could be reunited at Somerset during the upcoming English domestic season, but the Australian has admitted to being unimpressed by Gayle's awkward exchange with the Channel 10 interviewer.

Rogers told ABC Radio: "I would have liked to have been on air. I wouldn't have laughed. I know this guy. Bit difficult, because he might be playing at Somerset, where I'm going to be playing this coming year but from my time at the Thunder I was very disappointed in his attitude and his behaviour, and I've never been a fan since.

"I would go out with him socially or in a group, as you do in a team, and I'd probably distance myself from him. And the other thing is, I was very wary of the role he was setting for the younger guys, and I spoke to them quite a bit about, 'Do you think this is good behaviour, would you do this kind of thing.'

"And all of them, all the young guys to give them credit were like 'No, we don't think this is right.'"

Following widespread criticism of his on-air behaviour, Gayle issued an apology to McLaughlin and was fined $10,000 [£4,888] by his franchise, the Melbourne Renegades.

However, Rodgers also questioned Gayle's apology. He said: "This is a pattern of behaviour. That if you know the guy, you see it over and over.

"And it's not just him, there's a lot of this stuff in the sporting industry, and to defend it I think is not right at all. Like I said, I listen to that and I don't see it as funny at all. He says it's just a joke – it's not just a joke, is it?

"And his apology, he's basically saying 'Oh well, if she feels bad about it well then I'm sorry about that,' but he's not actually saying that he's sorry that he said it, and that is disappointing because he has to realise at some stage – you know, I'd be the first one to admit that there's been times that I probably let myself down with my behaviour, but you grow up."

The exchange occurred during the Renegades's five-wicket win over the Hobart Hurricanes on Sunday 4 January. Gayle - who scored 41 from 15 balls in the game – told an uncomfortable-looking McLaughlin: "I just wanted to have an interview with you as well, to see your eyes for the first time is nice. Hopefully we win this game and we can have a drink afterwards. Don't blush, baby."