A Texan man has been "shredded to death" by bees. REUTERS

A farmer from Texas has died after he drove his tractor over a massive bee hive.

Rogerio Zuniga of San Benito, Texas, died on 28 June after he disturbed an underground bee colony, residing in an old irrigation pipe, that consisted of an estimated 15 to 20 feet of honeycombs.

Zuniga became overwhelmed by the giant swarm of bees. After his family spotted his driverless tractor in the field, they went to investigate, only to find that the 54 year old had already succumbed to his injuries.

His sister, Lisa Zuniga, told US news outlet "He got off the tractor and ran and apparently they caught up to him and he collapsed, and they stung his body to death.

"He had gaping wounds, the bees shredded him basically. It was horrible."

Fire chief Raul Zuniga Jr, the victim's cousin, confirmed that he had been found dead on the scene, adding that an exterminator had been brought in to clear the pipe and kill the bees.

Beekeepers across the US lost 42.1% of their colonies between April 2014 and April 2015, with the high rate of summer and winter losses recorded by Bee Informed Partnership in collaboration with the Apiary Inspectors of America.