About 24 Thai demonstrators gathered outside the British embassy in Bangkok on Tuesday (August 27) to protest against former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's upcoming appearance at a forum organised by the government.

Thai media have reported that the government has paid Blair 20 million Thai baht ($621,860) to speak at the forum, where he is set to deliver a lecture on bringing about peaceful reconciliation between opposing political parties.

The government has denied paying for anything other than Blair's accommodation in Thailand.

The protesters on Tuesday handed over a letter to the British government urging Blair not to join the one-day special lecture series on "Uniting for the Future: Learning from Each Other's Experience" to be held on September 2.

Peaceful protests flared up earlier this month as the Thai parliament debates an amnesty bill that could help exiled former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra return home a free man.

If passed, the bill would scrap convictions or charges involving protesters active in the waves of political unrest since the 2006 coup.

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