Detractors of the King of Thailand have gotten their hands on sexually-explicit photos of his mistress and have sent them over to anti-monarchy activists. More than 1,000 photographs of Maha Vajiralongkorn's mistress, Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi, are now in the hands of their adversaries and are currently being distributed for propaganda.

The photos, which are said to be mostly nude - are thought to have been taken by Sineenat herself, and were allegedly sent to British Journalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall by the monarch's enemies. Marshall is known to have written many critical articles about the Thai monarchy for quite a long time.

This also comes after the mistress had just returned home from being imprisoned last year to rejoin the King's royal harem after previously being accused of seeking to undermine the King's official wife. She has since been given back her royal and military titles.

Marshall wrote on his social media account that it is highly probable the explicit photographs of Sineet were selfies meant to be sent to Vajiralongkorn. He believes these were leaked in an effort to sabotage her return as Vajiralongkorn's consort.

Sineet is also known as Koi Wongvajirapakdi, which is a title that was gifted to her as royal consort to mark the king's 67th birthday last July. That was the very first time a Thai monarch had taken a consort since absolute monarchy was abolished in 1932.

However, less than three months after making Sineet the royal consort, the king issued a command that rescinded her appointment.

The king had accused her of misbehaving in a manner that came off as attempts to block Suthida's appointment as queen so she can take the position for herself. It was said that Sineet used her ambitions and aspirations as a means to seek a way to promote herself, the Daily Mail wrote.

But despite these setbacks, a palace website released scores of photos of her and the king holding hands in what is said to be unusually intimate photos for members of the royal family.

She is seen as a helpful figure for the King to regain popularity and is known to often meet royalist supporters alone as well as praised for her beauty, youth and cheerful good manners.

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Royal devotion was on display as thousands of supporters, some waving flags, waited for the King and Queen near the Grand Palace Photo: AFP / Lillian SUWANRUMPHA