Several hundred anti-government protesters marched to the Thai National Police headquarters on Wednesday (December 4) urging the police to handle situations without violence.

Protesters made their way into the grounds of the national police headquarters but only managed to get in past the front gate and security barrier and decided shortly after midday to give up the attempt.

Rather like the fraternisation on Tuesday (December 3) at state buildings after exchanges of teargas and petrol bombs the day before, hundreds of female officers replaced riot police at the barricades and waved goodbye to the protesters, who waved back, both sides chanting "Long live the king!".

On Tuesday thousands of protesters who had been seeking to topple Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's administration, swept aside barricades in old Bangkok to occupy the grounds of her office. They were warmly greeted by the police who, until just hours before, had rained tear gas and rubber bullets upon them.

Five people have been killed in clashes since the weekend and scores hurt. A heavy-handed crackdown would have raised questions about the government's survival and the possibility of the military stepping in to restore order.

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