A low, disconcerting bass note kicks in. "WARNING" flashes words on the screen. This must be serious.

"The #softcoup is here and it's not just against Corbyn," says the text. "This time it's against us. If they can break our support for JC [that's Jeremy Corbyn, not Jesus Christ] then a leadership election will follow."

The "soft coup" is a conspiracy theory pushed by Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell. He claimed in an article for Labour Briefing, that it is "planned, coordinated and fully resourced" and "perpetrated by an alliance between elements in the Labour Party and the Murdoch media empire, both intent on destroying Jeremy Corbyn and all that he stands for".

And now Corbyn's flock of bleaters on Twitter reckon they're the target of these shadowy string-pullers behind Rupert Murdoch's curtain.

The video claims that a mysterious, ethereal "we" are "receiving reports of a new wave of Twitter accounts aimed at discrediting Jeremy Corbyn". And the evidence is astounding, especially when presented by a tuppenny propagandist using Windows Movie Maker to its full and devastating effect.

These accounts, you see, are sometimes registered as recently as four months ago. But be warned: this is not always the case. Some of the accounts are older. So keep an eye out for both new and old Twitter accounts. Sometimes they don't even have many followers or likes, a bit like Corbyn.

And it gets worse. They're not even trolls. Some of them are "nice" and "polite". But then all of a sudden – and this is the biggest tell when you're on the lookout for these accounts – they offer a dissenting view of Corbyn.

It's so obvious! Nobody who knows The Truth about Corbyn could possibly show anything other than love, adoration, and unwavering faith. "It's a battle for hearts and minds," says the video, though there aren't many minds to win among Corbynistas. "BE AWARE. REMAIN VIGILANT."