Thierry Henry (L)
Thierry Henry (L) Reuters

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry believes that Luis Suarez is the best striker in the world.

Barcelona have just spent £75m to land the Uruguayan from Liverpool, even though the player is banned for four months from all football-related activity.

However, Henry believes that Suarez is worth every penny that the Catalans have paid for him.

"If we are talking about strikers - not guys who score a lot of goals from anywhere - then I would say the best in the world is Luis Suarez," Henry said, as quoted in the Daily Mail.

"He has everything. He's in your face, he's arrogant in a good way, he can volley it, he can score headers.

"He has that vicious side to his game. I will not call it cheating. He knows how to score goals. We have seen it against England. They gave him two chances and he scored two goals," the former Arsenal striker added.

The New York Red Bulls striker has also given his take on the 'Who is better: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo' debate. The Frenchman feels that the Argentine is a naturally gifted player, whereas Ronaldo has got where he is through hard work and dedication.

"Lionel Messi is the best player in the world but I respect the amount of work Cristiano Ronaldo has put into the game," added Henry.

"But Messi is just a freak. It is nice for kids to watch as they can see one guy who was given a gift and the other guy who does it through hard work.

"Louis Saha used to tell me he was the hardest worker at Manchester United. I am not saying Messi does not work hard - but it is more natural.

"Ronaldo had to work really hard to reach the top. They have the same mentality but that's the difference," the former French international concluded.