Saltwater crocodile
The Saltwater Crocodile is one of Australia's deadliest animals Getty Images

It was a close call for a fisherman who caught a saltwater crocodile snapping its impressive jaws at a GoPro camera in Australia. The footage alone would send Captain Hook running for his life.

The video, uploaded by Wildman Adventures, pictures the reptile crawling in the mud, edging closer and closer to the camera, which is mounted on the end of a pole. In a swift movement, it opens its nightmare-inducing jaws and lunges to try and get a bite of the contraption.

The cameraman can be heard asking the beast: "What's going on?" as it approaches. "That's going to look awesome," he exclaims.

The man had purposefully attached the pricy camera to the long pole to keep him from getting crunched by the reptile. The 49 seconds of footage replays the event several times in slow motion, so you can really appreciate the crocodile's teeth and sinister grin in HD as it moves towards the thrill-seeking cameraman.

Saltwater crocodiles, also affectionately called "big salties," can grow to more than 6m long and weigh about a ton. They are famous for overpowering sharks as well as humans. They're one of Australia's deadliest species, and reside in marine waters and muddy swamps.

A "big salty" tried to get a piece of a GoPro. Youtube/Wildman Adventures

On 15 September, Financial Times reporter Paul McClean died after a reptile snatched him on the banks of a Sri Lankan river. McClean was washing his hands in the crocodile-infested waters when one of the beasts suddenly grabbed his arm. The predator quickly dragged him underwater in front of powerless witnesses.