Those clicky pens with all the different colours were the highlight of our pencil cases growing up, and now the concept has been given a serious 21<sup>st Century update. Cronzy, a "smart" pen now seeking funding on IndieGoGo, claims to let you scan the colour of real-life objects and then allows you to draw in that very shade.

Cronzy's creators claim the pen can write in over 16-million colours thanks to a special ink cartridge that custom-mixes colours on demand. The video on Cronzy's IndieGoGo campaign page claims that the pen works just like an eye dropper tool: you scan an object and the colour will appear on the accompanying smartphone app. The pen will then mix the ink and from there you can get doodling.

Alternatively, you can select shades from a colour wheel on the app. Different tips will also be put on offer, including a fountain pen-like nib.

It all sounds very innovative, but consumers have been let down by similar promises in the past. The Scribble pen proposed a near-identical concept on Kickstarter back in 2014, before cancelling the campaign after bagging more than $360,000 (£270,000, €320,000) in funding. There is also no information on how Cronzy's so-called colour scanner works.

As for Cronzy, current funding has reached $9,010 at time of writing, out of a target goal of $200,000. The lowest amount backers can pledge to the project is $100, which will get you one Cronzy pen, a charging case (it is powered by a Li-Po battery), five interchangeable tips and two ink cartridges. At retail, the Cronzy is will sell for an eye-watering $300.

Production is expected to begin in Spring 2017. The pen and accompanying app will be compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phones.