Sleep-monitoring technology currently relies largely on people's willingness to fall asleep either with something strapped to their wrist or with their smartphone inches from their face. The answer to this could be Zeeq, a smart pillow that bundles all the necessary smarts for tracking your sleep into a pillow and throws in wireless speakers for good measure.

Aside from all the smartphone apps, fitness bands and bedside sensors out there, we're increasingly seeing sleep-tracking technology packed into bedding and even beds themselves. More than just a soft place to lay your head at night, Zeeq contains movement sensors and microphone that will track your sleep throughout the night and give you a morning report on the quality of your slumber.

The built-in mic tracks the volume of your snoring, and if it gets too loud the pillow will gently vibrate to encourage you to shift positions without actually waking you up. There are also eight speakers inside the pillow that you can stream music to, meaning you can fall asleep to your favourite chillout playlists without waking anyone sleeping next to you.

To ensure you rise chipper each morning, you can set an "intelligent wake" function using Zeeq's accompanying smartphone app. This is a common feature on sleep-tracking apps and allows the device to wake up the user at the optimal time, at the lightest stage of sleep. Supposedly, doing so means you wake up feeling more well-rested and energetic than you would if you were woken up during deep REM sleep.

Demand for Zeeq has proved strong on Kickstarter, where the pillow's crowdfunding campaign has amassed over $65,000 (£49,000, €58,000) in funding of a $50,000 goal at time of writing – and it's rising quickly. The pillow ships in December.

You can reserve a Zeeq of your own by pledging $129 or more to the project, but as with all crowdfunding campaigns, we recommend you sleep on it first.