The influx of oligarchs and property speculators continues to push the cost of housing in London up, residents and campaigners have taken to the capital's streets to demand that Mayor Boris Johnson and the UK government take action.

Currently, the average cost of a home in London is £514,000. A 25-year mortgage with 5% APR interest, would demand monthly payments of £3,000: £250 more than the average gross monthly wage of workers in the UK.

Protestors are demanding that Johnson and the UK government bring in measures to control the spiralling prices, including preventing residential property for speculation, introducing rent control, and building more affordable housing.

Earlier this week David Cameron announced that a new benefit cap of £23,000 would be introduced if Conservatives retain power in the May general election.

Following this, the Moat housing association told the Guardian that such a cap would make their social housing "instantly unaffordable" for most of its residents, that would force lower- and medium-income workers to move out of the south-east of England.