Three men have been found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm to five-year-old Thusha Kamaleswaran in a drive-by shooting in London.

Nathaniel Grant, 21, Kazeem Kolawole, 19, and Anthony McCalla, 20, denied attempted murder, causing grievous bodily harm and firearms offences.

The Old Bailey heard that Thusha was the victim of an indiscriminate drive-by-shooting at her uncle's shop in Stockwell, south London.

She was left paralysed from the attack. Another man, Roshan Selvakumar, 35, was also injured.

The defendants fired two shots into the shop, one of which hit Thusha in the chest and passed straight through her body, clipping her spine. Paramedics operated on her in the street.

Surgeons brought her back to life after she had a heart attack during the emergency surgery, the court heard.

She was left permanently paralysed from the waist down and will never walk again.