Teddy, an 18-month-old Tibetan mastiff, awaits his fate after attacking three people on three separate occasions. The young dog weighing around 14-stone was seized by the police after receiving complaints of the harrowing attacks. Teddy's owner, Cher Hardy, attended the hearing at Edinburgh Sheriff's Court in December. However, the dog's fate will be decided by Sheriff Peter McCormack at the capital court in January 2020.

Hardy imported Teddy from Russia as a family pet. All three attacks by Teddy occurred within 100 miles of the home of his owner, the director of Edinburgh property letting firm H3 Lettings. Hardy told the court that on all three occasions, Teddy was unmuzzled. Even though Teddy is just over a year old, his size and strength are too difficult for Hardy to control.

Teddy ended up attacking people on March 7, May 3, and October 12. Teddy's earliest attack involved an unsuspecting schoolgirl.

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18-month old Tibetan mastiff might be euthanised after owner could not control him leading to three attacks. Justin Tallis/AFP

The 17-year-old schoolgirl was mauled by the dog in March. The unnamed schoolgirl was found "cowering on the pavement" with Teddy still attacking her. Teddy badly bit the girl's arms as she had tried to protect herself. The girl claims that she first tried to fight Teddy off with her school bag. When her attempts at deterring the dog failed, she was savaged until motorists stopped to help, the Daily Mail reported.

Teddy's second attack involved a 73-year-old woman who was mauled near her home in Murrayfield area, Edinburgh. Jane Humphreys, the victim of the attack, claimed that Teddy knocked her down before severely biting her legs and her arms. Two workmen nearby stepped in and managed to prevent Teddy's attack from becoming fatal. The elderly woman stated that she still cannot get the traumatic images of the attack out of her head. Apart from the mental trauma, Humphreys had significant skin damage in her arms as well as bite marks on her legs.

The third attack left 53-year-old Fiona McHale scared of coming near a dog. Like Humphreys, McHale suffers emotional trauma along with horrid scars.

Tibetan mastiffs were bred to protect flocks from wolves and bears. The ferocious dog is one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. Tibetan mastiff owners have to put in a significant amount of training to prevent their pets from becoming ferocious attackers.

Teddy's owner pleaded guilty of being the owner of the dog that attacked multiple people. Due to Hardy's negligence, Teddy might soon be put down.