Man marries dead girlfriend
Deff Yingyuen places a ring on the finger of Sarinya "Anne" Kamsook Youtube

A Thai man has married his deceased girlfriend in a joint wedding and funeral ceremony.

In a heart-wrenching gesture of eternal love, Chadil Deffy, known as Deff Yingyuen, placed a ring on the finger of Sarinya "Anne" Kamsook, who died in a car accident at the service held at Thailand's Surin province.

According to reports, the Sarinya, 29, had wanted to tie the knot with her long-term boyfriend for some time but Yingyuen, 28, had constantly put off the nuptials, choosing instead to focus on his studies.

It is claimed that following her sudden death, the "wedding" was his attempt to right a wrong, despite how overdue his gesture might have been.

Yingyuen then posted the pictures from the grim ceremony on his Facebook page and a video of the ceremony on YouTube in a bid to encourage viewers not to take their loved ones for granted.

Yingyuen's later explained his controversial actions by writing a poignant message on his Facebook account which read: ''In your eyes, our action might seem as a great love. But for us, it is the mistake which we could not go back in time to correct. Remember, life is short. Do what you desire, and take good care of the people you love, be they your parents, your siblings. You might never get that chance again."

The Pattaya Daily News reports that the couple began dating ten years ago, after meeting at Thailand's Eastern Asia University where they both studied.

Watch the "wedding" footage here...