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Semaphore with the Twitter name notcom, developer of the famous TinyUmbrella tool which allows the backing up of SHSH blobs, has issued a new update to the beta firmware (version

The previous TinyUmbrella beta released earlier this month was clunky and sluggish, whereas in the beta, Semaphore has removed most of the clutter and made the application quite intuitive. The major significance of this beta is its simplified user interface. Other key features of the new beta include:

Architecture detection – TinyUmbrella will now warn you if iTunes is a different architecture. This affects device detection. If TinyUmbrella and iTunes are not the same architecture, TinyUmbrella will not be able to detect your device

Contention issues – Semaphore had some nasty race conditions revolving around startup and the handling of files. This has been fixed in the latest build

SHSH ECID and Version detection – TinyUmbrella had been failing to detect very old (3.x) SHSH formats. This resulted in -1.shshs. This has been fixed and the actual SHSHs found in those -1 files will be placed in their proper homes automatically.

Longer TSS Fetch cooldown – This is important because if we hit the TSS servers too quickly, their flood detection will kick in and we will earn ourselves a nice temporary IP ban.

Device Highlighting from SHSH table – When you select a signature in the table, the corresponding device is highlighted in the device tree.

Many more bug fixes

Semaphore, further, promises to add on-device SHSH fetching for A7 and A8 devices. Check out the download links if you want to download the latest version of TinyUmbrella.

TinyUmbrella - BETA [OSX App Only]

TinyUmbrella - BETA [OSX Installer]

TinyUmbrella - BETA [WIN x86 Installer]

TinyUmbrella - BETA [WIN x64 Installer]

TinyUmbrella - BETA [WIN x86 zip]

TinyUmbrella - BETA [WIN x64 zip]

TinyUmbrella [OSX] - OLD

TinyUmbrella [WIN] OLD

TinyCFW - [WIN]

TinyCFW - Jar

Fix Recovery [Windows]

Fix Recovery [OSX]

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