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After just two days of journey from Southampton, the Titanic Memorial Cruise aboard the MS Balmoral was forced to return due to a medical emergency on board.

The liner, commemorating the 100<sup>th anniversary of the RMS Titanic had to return around 20 nautical miles towards shore as a cameraman suffered a suspected heart attack.

Tim Rex, 56, a BBC staff member, had to be airlifted and taken off from the boat as a medical precaution. Tim was reportedly covering the memorial trip for the BBC and was believed to have received medical treatment on board.

However, the Irish Guards were informed of the situation and they sent the rescue helicopter for the patient.

Tour operator Miles Morgan said the ship would head back 20 nautical miles towards Ireland in order to be in range for a helicopter tasked with evacuating a man with a non-life threatening heart condition.

"The ship is turning around and heading approximately 20 nautical miles east to bring it nearer to the coast and within reach of a helicopter," a statement released by the organisers mentioned. "Fred. Olsen and Titanic Memorial Cruises are working with the Irish Coastguard to coordinate the relevant arrangements, and making sure that all agencies involved are being kept informed."

The organisers also mentioned that once the passenger is safely transferred from the ship for medical treatment, the voyage would once again resume as scheduled.

The MS Balmoral, having 1,309 passengers on board, which is the same number as the original liner, is expected to reach on time at the Titanic's sinking site for the scheduled memorial service.

The liner includes passengers who are direct relatives of some of the more than 1,500 Titanic passengers who died in the accident 100 years ago.

The AFP reported that many of the passengers turned up to board the MS Balmoral in period Edwardian costumes, with some as first class passengers, others as steerage travellers and some as crew.

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