Tony Ferguson has let loose a stream of abuse against Nate Diaz after the latter refused to show any interest in fighting him for an interim lightweight title.

Ferguson was originally supposed to face Khabib Nurmagomedov for the interim lightweight title at UFC 209, however, weight cut issues saw "The Eagle" pull out on the day of the weigh-ins, with a return pinned for September.

"El Cucuy" then set his sights on current champion Conor McGregor, going on to repeatedly call him out on Twitter. However, the Irishman — who is currently chasing a big money fight with Floyd Mayweather — has not responded or even acknowledged Ferguson.

With none left to fight otherwise, Ferguson then targeted Diaz, who while only ranked eighth in the lightweight rankings, has a lot of star power following his two fights with McGregor. However, the Stockton native seems intent on fighting McGregor a third time despite blasting UFC president Dana White for claims that he is turning down fight offers.

"He's like a f*****g bad ex-girlfriend. Literally, a bad taste in somebody's mouth if you win or you lose, you've gotta move on, dude," Ferguson said, as quoted on MMAFighting.

"If you really want that money fight then you're probably hurting for money. Literally, if you have that money fight, you should pay your taxes and then move on. This is a fighter sport. You're ranked number what, eight? Ninth? Don't you want to be better than that? S**t, dude you beat is ranked higher than you. Don't you want an opportunity at the belt? Come on.

"I'm skipping a couple names but I'm giving you an opportunity. I'm doing you a favor, I'm not doing myself a f*****g favor. I'm giving you a chance but if you don't want it, that's cool. I'll give somebody else a chance."

With Edson Barboza interested in a rematch for the interim title, Ferguson does seem to have other options including a jump up to the welterweight division where he previously fought. He made sure to tell Diaz that he was not the only option left.

"Nate, you're not the last option," he added. "If you don't want to fight, go hide in a hole. But you've got to admit on Twitter that you don't want to fight me. You're f*****g scared homie."

"All that s**t's gotta go out the f*****g window. 'Don't be scared homie.' People are gonna start throwing that s**t away and it's gonna be crazy. You can wait for McNuggets but we all know if you wait for that fool, if he fights Mayweather and he doesn't fight again, you might not get another chance for a big money fight besides this guy. So I'm giving you a shot. If you want it, it's perfect. If you like it, sign on the dotted line."

Tony Ferguson
Ferguson is currently in no man's land in terms of a title shot Getty