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According to indicators from the 2013 Global Peace Index (GPI), a survey conducted by the Australia and US-based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), the world is not a peaceful place any more. At least... it isn't as peaceful as it was five years ago.

The GPI index, released on Tuesday, shows that in comparison with 2008, world peace levels have dropped 5%, with a steep rise in the number of homicides around the world and an alarming 110 countries becoming less peaceful than before.

One of the biggest contributors to declining levels of world peace is war-ravaged Syria, with the country's global index declining by 70%.

"This fall over one year that Syria has experienced is the largest fall we've seen in the index thus far," Michelle Breslauer, vice-president of US Programs at the Institute of Economics and Peace, told CBS News.

The United States is the 100th most peaceful country in the world, from a list of 162 entrants. The United Kingdom fares significantly better, ranking 44th. Ireland ranks an impressive 12th.

In terms of regions, Europe is once again the most peaceful in the world, with 13 of the 20 most peaceful countries. Despite the poor US performance, a high eighth place for Canada pulls the North American region to second on the larger list.

Meanwhile, the most peaceful country in the world is Iceland, for a third year in a row. Denmark and New Zealand come in second and third, with Austria and Switzerland rounding out the top five.

The African country of Libya, still looking to get back on its feet after a bloody civil war, rose three places to 145.

"Libya's one of the largest risers this year but that's really a reflection of the fact that it was coming from a less peaceful starting point," said Breslauer, "The risers that we see each year, it's not that they're dramatically peaceful, it's that their move signifies the fact that they're emerging from conflict."

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