Senior Tory MP Patrick Mercer has been accused of slamming British Prime Minister David Cameron, calling him a "despicable creature without any real redeeming features," a newspaper report has claimed.

Mercer's tirade against Cameron was secretly recorded, the Independent said.

According to the newspaper, the Newark MP reportedly told guests at a party organised by the London Magazine that he would "rather take a beggar off the street and put him in Downing Street."

Mercer admitted that he interacted with a couple of people at a party, but denied making any comments against Cameron after the details of his conversation were made public.

He said he was in consultation with his lawyers, as he complained that the materials had been attained by "subterfuge." It is believed that Mercer has told guests that Cameron will face backbench coup in the new year.

Mercer described Cameron as "the worst politician in British history since William Gladstone," according to the report.

Asked about the remarks he made against Cameron, Mercer said they were made in a "light-hearted" way. "I certainly didn't make those comments in the way that's being suggested," he said.

Earlier, Mercer was sacked by Cameron from his shadow cabinet in 2007 for alleging racism within the ranks of the Army.

Meanwhile, the Conservative Party declined to react to the alleged remarks but said that such comments did not necessarily merit disciplinary action.