Tottenham Hotspur boss Harry Redknapp, after months of fighting various clubs and media speculation, has finally admitted Croatian midfielder Luka Modric may be leaving White Hart Lane this summer.

Chelsea, who failed to sign the 26 year old last summer despite a whopping £40 million bid, are reportedly still keen on the player. This time, though, they will have to contend with Manchester City, after comments from Mancini indicated he was interested in Modric as well.

As a result, Modric, who has been very impressive this season, could be caught in a tug-of-war between the two big spending clubs.

Apart from Modric, Redknapp also risks losing Welsh winger Gareth Bale, who was quoted in an earlier IBTimes UK report as saying he would leave the club if they failed to qualify for the Champions League next season.

Redknapp seems more confident of Bale staying than he is about Modric, who has yet to sign a new deal with the club.

"Last summer it was vital that we kept hold of Luka. I don't think we will have to do it with people like Gareth Bale this summer," ESPN quoted Redknapp as saying.

"Luka, it's different with him. I don't know what he would do. I would be lying if I said I was sure that he would stay. You don't know. But certainly I wouldn't see Gareth Bale wanting to leave here," he added, reported the Guardian.

"At the moment he is happy here, a big fish here. He is still learning the game, a young boy, and this is where he needs to be. You would like to think Luka would still be here, but you never know," the Daily Mail quoted Redknapp as saying.

Although, Spurs have dropped to the fifth in the league after yet another defeat, this time at the hands of QPR, Redknapp is confident Tottenham will secure a place in the Champions League by winning the remainder of their league games this season.

Spurs' recent run of bad results has seen them win only one of their last nine league games and has seen them drop from third to fifth in the league, outside of the Champions League qualifying positions. Worse still, there is now the danger that even if they finish fourth - theoretically the final qualifying position - they could lose out on playing in the continent's elite tournament because local rivals Chelsea are in the finals of the tournament for this year and should they win it (and assuming Chelsea themselves do not finish in the top four) the Blues will automatically qualify for next year's tournament, meaning only the top three from the Premier League will enter next year's competition.

"I think that (the rule) is unfair. You look at the teams that some other countries have in it and we have a team in this country that might finish fourth and are in the final. That shows you the strength of our league," said Redknapp, according to ESPN.

"I think the rule should be whoever finishes in the top four should get a Champions League place. I don't see any reason why there can't be five English teams in it. I don't know whether they will change it, though. You know what it's like with people changing rules," he added.

Still, Redknapp believes Tottenham have to finish at least fourth in the league to keep their Champions League hopes alive.

"We just have to finish fourth, or third if possible, you never know. It is possible," he added.

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