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A theory about the identity of Andy's mum in Pixar's Toy Story film trilogy has taken the internet by storm.

Presented by JonNegroni.com, the theory suggests that his mother – only ever referred to as Ms Davis – is actually Emily, the original owner of Jessie the Cowgirl.

In Toy Story 2 Jessie (voiced by Joan Cusack) reveals a tragic backstory in which she is given up by the original owner whom she loved and donated to charity. You can watch the touching scene below.

The new theory revolves around a hat, or rather two hats, seen over the course of the films. At various points we see Andy wear a red cowboy hat with white lace around the outside.

It is even said that the lighter red strip around the middle of Andy's hat is where the similarly-placed white ribbon on Jessie's toy hat would have been.

The two hats being of the same design implies that it had been in the family for some time. Andy's mum also explains at some point that Woody is an old family toy, implying a love of cowboys has existed throughout the Davis' family tree.

It is also noted that both Emily (whose face is never seen) and Andy's mum, both have light brown and short hair. It is a nice theory which would tie together the two stories nicely, and it certainly seems like something Pixar would include in their films as an Easter egg.

The same website posted another viral Pixar-related theory last year which suggested every Pixar film was connected and existed in the same universe. That theory was a load of tripe, but this new one seems much more likely.

You can read the entire Andy's mum theory here.