Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron said that EU and US leaders had agreed that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a "deal they all want," and he was "hopeful of progress".

Speaking to IBTimes UK, Trade Finance Partners' co-founder William Tebbit said that the deal, which has been tipped to boost the UK economy by up to £10bn (€12.5bn, $15.7bn) a year, said TTIP will create major growth but also create pressure on gaining finance.

"Overall, I am positive about TTIP. Less regulation is good and we are currently in a position where there is too much regulation for businesses which makes it difficult to export," said Tebbit.

"If TTIP happens, it will allow more companies to do business and win contracts overseas."

TFP is a London-based firm offering trade finance facilities to growing businesses by using traditional methods, based on merchant banking and trade finance.

It effectively helps a client to fund a committed order from their customer where current working capital resources are insufficient. This can sit alongside and complement traditional forms of bank finance but allows a company to develop and progress without having to worry about funding its supply chain.